It's not always business as usual at Selikor and we know the same is applicable to most households. In order to keep our home and surroundings up-to-date and safe, we all need to undertake a few home projects. Whether you are renovating your home and need to get rid of construction debris or you're cutting down that huge tree in the backyard, we have just the waste management solution for you to keep your home beautiful and free of debris. Discover our specialty services here.


Selikor offers quality products that help you keep your living spaces tidy and odor free. Stop by one of our points of sale to purchase our quality Selikor products:

  • Quality trash bags - Selikor trash bags are made from high quality materials and are sturdy enough for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Holebón air freshener - If you're looking for a powerful odor eliminating product, we've got just the solution for you. Holebón granules are strong enough to eliminate even the toughest odors and can be safely used in trash bins, dumpsters and compactors in and around your home. Apply liberally to odor generating sources and keep your home and surroundings smelling like bubble-gum.

Construction waste containers & dumpsters

Whether you're building your first home, renovating your existing home or building a much needed addition, construction projects can be overwhelming. Garden maintenance can also produce a lot of waste that may be hard to handle yourself. Make sure you hire professionals to plan and execute your home projects in order to avoid surprises down the line. Selikor is here to help you safely dispose of any construction debris and green waste. Our construction waste containers and dumpsters come in several sizes and can be rented for any period of time that suits your schedule.

Safely dispose of construction waste and green waste by calling our experts at (5999) 434-1300 or click here to send us an email.

Portable toilets
When nature calls, our portable sanitation systems provide the best relief! Whether you're planning a wedding, family reunion or undertaking a construction project, you need the right equipment to service your guests and workers. Our portable toilets are clean and ready to use upon delivery.

Selikor offers a wide variety of models. Click here to find the right one for your project.

Septic tank & grease trap cleaning

Waste comes in all shapes and forms and at Selikor we are capable of handling them all. Our fast and reliable septic tank and grease trap cleaning service crew uses modern equipment that can handle even the toughest jobs.

Call (5999) 434-1300 or click here to send us an email for more information on our prices and services.