Selikor can also meet all of your recycling transportation needs. We offer a variety of specialized vehicles to transport any type of recycling container or bulk recyclable materials you have. Our vehicles meet all local and international emission standards and feature fuel efficient engines, so you can rest assured that you’ll be transporting your recyclable materials in an environmentally responsible manner.

The most important thing is for your recyclables to arrive at one of the correspondent recycling drop off centers, so it doesn’t matter how you get them there, as long as they arrive to ensure we keep our island clean. On Curaçao the following waste types can be brought to the different Drop-Off Centers:



Construction and demolition

Caribbean Recycling Company at Malpais


Gas Stations, Koral Specht Transfer Station, Malpais Landfill

Cardboard and paper

Koral Specht Transfer Station 


Koral Specht Transfer Station, Malpais Landfill and NAPA Auto Parts

Scrap metal

Koral Specht Transfer Station, Malpais Landfill and Antillean Scrap Co.

Oil (Hydrocarbon)

Containers at gas stations

Printer cartridges

Materials Recyclers N.V.


Ayudo Sosial for reuse

Eye glasses

Opticians and eye specialists for reuse

Need some advice on the best way to collect and transport your recyclable to one of the recycling Drop-Off Centers? We can be of assistance. Call our recycling specialists at (5999) 434-1300 or click here to send us an e-mail.