Selikor became a limited liability company in 1996 after having operated 20 years as a government agency. The company was established with the objective to formulate and implement integrated waste management for solid and hazardous wastes. In the ensuing years, Selikor introduced more hygienic, efficient, and professional systems and procedures to collect, transport, process and recycle waste.

Significant investments were made to acquire special containers for residential and commercial waste and obtain modern transportation equipment. In addition, strategic alliances with recycling companies were formed.

Waste management on Curaçao entered a new era of positive developments, which placed our island on the Caribbean waste management map. Curaçao is acknowledged as one of the Caribbean islands with the most modern waste management infrastructure. In our efforts to become a leader in the regional waste management market, Selikor participates yearly in regional and international waste management events.

Our efforts to meet international standards culminated in Selikor receiving ISO 9000-2001 certification. This certification validates the consistent quality of our products and services, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Another significant milestone to mention is the obtainment of the environmental certificate ISO 14001 for the landfill and the transfer station. Within the context of this certification the emphasis was laid on the correct handling of the waste presented for disposal.

Selikor is managed and operated by a management team and capable staff, supervised by a Board of Directors. The Government of Curaçao continues to be Selikor’s only shareholder.