Phase 3: Transportation

After you’ve done your part of waste prevention and making sure materials that need to be discarded are safely presented in the right container on the curb in time for pick-up, that’s when the fun begins for us at Selikor. Ever wondered what happens to all your trash? It’s transported to its next destination, either a transfer station or a facility to be processed.

Easy enough, right? Well, it’s important to make sure that waste is transported without any adverse impact on the environment. That requires specialized equipment, such as trucks, and expertise. That’s why at Selikor we make it a point to hire people with a passion for waste management and extensive knowledge. In addition to investing in our people, we invest in our equipment and make sure that we meet international waste management standards.

Did you know that transfer stations play a vital role in waste management? On Curaçao we have one state-of-the-art transfer station. It’s conveniently located in the area of Koraal Specht and serves as a pit stop for all of the waste collected on the eastern side of the island. At the transfer station, the waste is compacted and stored temporarily in silos until it’s ready to be transported to our Malpais landfill for processing or disposal.

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Phase 4: Recycling