General Information

Kaya di Medioambiente

Our Kaya di Medioambiente is ideal for businesses that already have a good recycling policy in place that includes separating waste at the source. Our convenient drive-through lane allows businesses to dispose of certain types of recyclable waste, such as plastic bottles and aluminum cans, in a responsible manner. Once the different waste types have been separated at the waste drop-off center, the recyclable materials will be transported to our materials recovery facility. At our materials recovery facility, we recover recyclable materials and process the materials in an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. Viable items will be packed and shipped to be sold on the international market. The best part? Disposing of waste through our Kaya di Medioambiente is free!

Not sure how to recycle the waste generated by your business?

Selikor offers businesses recycling solutions that are not only great for the environment, but also help reduce business costs. We design specific waste diversion and recycling solutions for your type of business, making it easy for you to do the right thing. Call (5999) 434-1300 or click here to schedule an appointment with our consultant.